Photos of our handmade artworks

SoapBox has been making decor from recycled materials Festival stage's across the region since 2012. We create stunning artworks like jellyfish, tunnel installations and recycled bunting, all of which has grown exponentially over the years. We now offer out our extensive collection of artworks to Festivals across the East, private parties, community groups and carnivals. SoapBox has created over 150 of our unique 'jellyfish', around 100 'wonky weaves', 100's of metres of handmade bunting, and we have collected tons of colouful materials for decorating marquees and stages. We also have a huge painted parachute (with insects) which we can use as backfrop on large marquees. We have also created poetry boards, vinyl art and poem ladders - all from wood/poems and (broken) vinyl which would have otherwise gone to landfill. We are environmentally aware and source all of our materials as ethically as possibly.

These photos are from various gigs over the past couple of years including FolkEast, Jimmy's Farm, East Anglian Storytelling Festival and the John Peel Centre. The artwork we have created is growing (literally) every single day and this is only a small selection of what we have available. Last night Amy was at home making yet more bunting so it really does grow all the time.

We have two motto's: 1: You can never have enough bunting. 2: Fairylights are for life, not just for Christmas.

We sincerely love creating magical spaces for audiences to enjoy events within and are able to work within most budgets. Our decor looks particualrly good outdoors, and we have a soft spot for decorating woodlands and trees. However, our 'baby jellyfish' have also been hired for a private members club in London, for a cabaret event, where they went down a storm. 

We love to take commissions, creating custom pieces on site for you and will install. If you would like a quote, please email to discuss.