Artist : Keith Sadler

Acoustic singer-songwiter and/or storyteller

Keith Sadler was a talented musician with a generous heart, and we feel very lucky to have share stages with him many times over the past decade. He first played for SoapBox when he applied for our festival stage in 2014, and his application is still one of the best I have ever read. He had a creative & curious soul that reached out through his music, playing uplifting acoustic music with some world music elements.

he wrote songs about the human condition, real life stories. His main aim was to connect with people, to share his experiences and learn about theirs. Music can be a great many things to different people (that's it's strength) but for Keith it was all about connection. His spoken word & poetry performances were perhaps lesser known, but he was a gifted storyteller, and had a gentle presence that made audiences feel safe. He had a natural ability to foster connections in the performance and to encourage others to tell their stories. 

His songs are available to watch on youtube >>> HERE <<<