Welcome to the SoapBox Art Shop

Thank you so much for coming by to check out what we have for sale. All pieces are handmade by Amy Wragg from getonthesoapbox, using (mainly) recycled fabrics. This includes tent materials, unuseable clothing, tatty curtains, bedsheets, umbrellas and off-cuts from charity shops. All of the materials are washed, cut into strips using a rotary cutter and prepared before being made into their new forms. You will find a selection of unique bits of festival art including our infamous Jellyfish chandeliers, and miles and miles of colourful bunting using our special technique. 

We have launched our online shop to help us raise funds to keep SoapBox going through these very difficult times. SoapBox is a small, independent music, arts & poetry events organiser based in Ipswich. We run the infamous SoapBox stage at FolkEast, open mics, curated poetry shows, band nights and so much more. We have been running gigs, and searching out and promoting new artists, for almost fifteen years. We are embedded in the local community (East Anglia) and have a special love for our incredibly talented, tenacious and hardworking creative community. For a variety of reasons, like many others, we were not eligible for government support so this is our fundraising approach. If you want to support SoapBox and help us weather the storm, but don't want to buy any of our artwork, we would be incredibly grateful for any donation (small or large) that you may be gift to us. You can donate (any amount) through our PayPal account here>>>