Journal : SoapBox Jellyfish

Photography by George Fairbairn

The SoapBox creative team have been meeting once a month to create artwork for the SoapBox stage at FolkEast, and in particular, Amy has been making these custom designed jellyfish from recycled materials. We are aiming towards 100 for this year's Festival and have been making tons of them, in all different sizes, using a variety of materials: old clothes, tents, curtains, anything we get donated (that is no longer useable). Its a project that started 12 months ago, after the 2016 Festival, when the first rudimentary Jellyfish was installed in the trees. It looked so stunning that we thought we should make many more, improve the design, and work on their tactile nature, colour palate and texture.

Very recently Amy was lucky enough to stumble across a professional photographer friend on social media, George Fairbairn, who was looking for specfic people for a special project. (I won't give away all the details, that's for him to reveal when he is ready). However, I saw the call-out online, and volunteered to be photographed. We arranged to meet on the Glemham hall site, in the woodland where the SoapBox stage takes place every year ,and he took these incredible photographs. Thank you, so very very much George, they are stunning. Please do check out his website and his work, if you get the chance, he is super skilled.