Journal : BOX SUB Zine

The Lockdown Survival Guide

We are delighted to announce we are now accepting new subscribers to our brand new, year-long, community art project: BOX SUB (aka SoapBox Subscription). After a short break, we are (again) opening the metaphorical doors to new members for only £30 for a whole year (inc P&P) which gets you 6 copies of the zine over 12 months, along with extra special bits of art and surprises with each edition. 

So what is it? BOX SUB is an annual subscription to the very first SoapBox (art) mailing list. For only £30 per year (inc UK P&P), every subscriber will get 6 copies (over the course of a year) of our new bi-monthly zine. Delivered straight to your door, with extra special arty gifts like badges and more. Each edition of the BS Zine will be completely unique, and only available on the annual subscription. The zine will feature original poetry, rants, artwork, articles, games, classified adverts, craft ideas, comedy, gig listings, pets corner, and so much more. The zine will NOT be available to buy individually, or in a digital format. We are going old school, and starting a mailing list which means receiving actual mail through the post. It will never ever be made available digitally, or online, and we will be asking all subscribers to respect this intention (and we know you will cos you're ruddy lovely).

It is both an art project, part-patron, part-membership and 100% filled with love. Most excitingly, all subscribers will be able to submit work to the zine. Got an issue you NEED to get off your chest? Send it to me. I'll print it. Got a gig coming up and offering workshops? Let me know and I will list it. Sellling your car/banjo/child? Tell us all about it and we share it. (Okay, maybe not the child bit, think there are laws about that.) This year has been crazy and I wanted to find a way to stay in touch with our community, and help each other, when we can. 

This exciting project serves several functions. Firstly, it creates a way for us to stay in touch and express our art when we are unable to share in live performance and gigs. It is also a way for friends of SoapBox to help support us during these times, and I could really, really do with your support right now. It is also an excuse for me to post something beautiful and handmade to the people who support us most, and a way for me to show my love for our amazing SoapBox community. Cos you really are amazing! Lastly, it'll also create a focus for the creation of new art, and I know I am happier and more productive when I have projects to channel my energy into. I am super excited to create an actual regular, proper, physical bit of art that can be held, and kept, and shared, and loved.

The second edition: 'Box Sub, The Lockdown Survival Guide' is now ready so please click >>>HERE FOR BOX SUB £30<<< to join us in this year-long adventure of handmade art, community and collaboration. 

Thank you SO much for supporting SoapBox during these difficult times. It means everything right now. 

Love & boxes, Amy xxx